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Mon - Fri 12PM -10PM
Sat - Sun  9AM -10PM

Ray's Course

Rays Indoor Bike Park is proud to offer an 167,000 square foot indoor facility. The park has a variety of terrain to challenge every skill level of rider. From the pump track to the more than twenty foot transitions of the profile room, rad is relative.

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About Ray's

Who is Ray's for?

Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome. We have a very unique atmosphere and everyone is after the same goal. Have fun and leave in one piece. There is plenty of support from other riders and the staff.

What kind of bikes is rays for?

Mountain and BMX bikes.

Helmets are mandatory!

We highly recommend a “full face” helmet. The best bet is to bring one from home or visit the local bike shop and get one that fits well. If you don’t have one, the park will lend you one for free with paid admission. The most important piece of protection is your helmet.

There are several different levels of riding difficulty

From the very beginner rider to the advanced professional, we have it all. There are directional trails that are flat and easy with a mix of natural features. Most of the features in the novice section have options to go around. There is nothing wrong with walking your bike. If you feel that the obstacle is too advanced, simply dismount and walk the bike to where you feel safe to ride. Just a couple of laps and you will feel comfortable enough to tackle some of the more difficult features.

Why is Ray's only open from
October through April?

Ray started to allow people to avoid bad weather not to replace the great outdoors however the jumps the foam pit and the street park may be open select summer weekends.

What happens in the summer?

We remodel many areas of the park and add read and redesign features this makes it fresh for the next winter of riding then each new season we throw a grand opening bash to celebrate another winter of indoor riding.

How can I take part
in all this.

Spread the word stay active at the park and get to know people riding The healthier we are as a business the more stuff we can do in the future.

The temperature is a bit cool inside

Long pants and long sleeve shirt are recommended but not mandatory. You will warm up very quickly so wear some layers. Typically you will end up wearing a t-shirt and jeans when you are riding. Bring a sweatshirt to put on while you are resting.

Before Your Visit

If you or your rider is under the age of 18 and have never ridden at the park, a parent must accompany you when you arrive to sign our waiver. You can also have them sign our online waiver if they absolutely cannot be here for your first visit. We highly recommend parents come with their children each and every visit.If this is your first visit to the park, give us a call!

There are many answers to your questions on the pages of this site but if you still have questions, please call the park during normal business hours and speak to an employee. Your friends may have the best intentions by informing you of what they know about us but the best way is to ask us directly so you don’t arrive unprepared.

If you have a bike bring it

We do offer for your visit for a charge, but if it’s your first time, it is always best that you are comfortable on your own bike. Our rental bikes are specifically designed and built for the park and it’s features.

Don’t try to save money on
safety equipment

it may save you from injury. Knee and elbow pads are available at no cost and are strongly suggested.

Wear flat shoes

Ones that have a flexible sole is best but not required. This enables your foot to remain on the pedal while maneuvering through some of the terrain. We would not suggest dress shoes, work boots, sandals or any open toe shoe.

Bring an assortment of basic tools

Make up a basic bag with tools: Screwdriver, tubes, tire levers, multi-tool, sockets, ratchets, adjustable wrench, pliers, chain tool. The courses in the park can rattle some parts loose on your bike. We are not a full service bike shop and do not have full-time mechanics. We only stock emergency items and boutique upgrade parts in our shop. The chances of having a specific part for your bike is slim. We will help you in any way to remedy the situation. But if the bike comes behind the counter for our employees to work on, there will be a service fee.

Sections of the park are clearly marked

The park is marked up for direction of travel and trail names and levels of difficulty. If you are lost, that’s good, now you are on an adventure!

Can I hang out?

We encourage it bike people are the best season passes work great even if you don't feel like riding on a day you can just come chill out at the bike park anyway and help somebody else develop their skills see you soon.

If you have any concerns with the park or its features, ask the front desk, they are there to help you!

Ray's Hours

Monday - Friday        12 - 10

Saturday - Sunday     9 - 10

Covid Policy

  • Masks or proper face coverings must be worn at all times while in the park. A full-face helmet does not count as a proper face cover.
  • Riders and Spectators must practice social distancing in all common areas –6 feet apart
  • Please do not visit the park if you or someone you’ve been in contact with have experienced COVID-19 symptoms or has had COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks
  • We are not offering rental helmets or protective equipment
  • Helmets are required to ride in the park, and are sold here in our shop.
  • We are not a full-service bike shop and are limiting the services we are able to provide during this time –please come prepared with tools, bike pumps, etc.

Ray's has two full rooms just for novice mountain bikers, with small obstacles and painted routes to help you practice your bike handling skills. In the beginner room, you'll find slightly larger, mountain bike oriented features, like this rock garden, that was actually fairly hard on a dirt jump bike. Behind the beginner section, you'll find one of our favorite spots,the pump track.This is a really long pump track so it's a great physical challenge, as well as just being really fun.

Once you've mastered the obstacles in the beginner room, you'll want to check out the "sport section" two whole rooms full of skinnies, teeter-totters, wooden ramps and even a bike elevator. Way more challenging than it sounds. We'd recommend checking out the "flow" section first as these features are a little more forgiving. When you do make it over to the "tech" side, make sure you look where you're going so you don't get surprised by that elevator. Nailed it? Yeah, buddy! Parallel to the sport section is one of my favorite lines at Ray's,the "micro rhythm" line. This is a small jump line that's really easy to lap over and over again. When you're ready to move up to some bigger jumps, head to the "rhythm room". This is another one of our favorite spots.

Ray's also has two whole rooms dedicated to skatepark and BMX skills, this is another really fun place to hang out and practice skills. If you want to get some miles in, you can always ride a few laps of the green line, and get some perspective on just how huge this place is. For bigger jumps, head to the advanced jump line, or the jump room, where you can practice new tricks safely into the foam pit.

Ray's Pricing

Annual Pass   (family discounts available)
College ID Night   (Wed & Sat After 6PM)
First Timer Deal   (Mon - Fri)
30 Day Pass
BMX Night   (Sun after 4PM) 

Rental Bikes

Rays Indoor Bike Park is proud to offer a fleet of custom Trek and Kink BMX Rentals.

Our rental bikes are a great way to get the most out of your visit here at the park. We take our Rental Bikes very seriously and want everyone to have a good experience while they are riding one of our bikes. We take great care and expense to keep these bikes in top shape and hope you will respect them and bring the bikes back in the same shape that we gave them to you. Any rider that purposely damages our bikes will be asked to leave the park and no refund of any kind will be issued.

Rules for rentals

  • Rental bikes are not allowed in the foam pit or the Resi Box area at any time.
  • We do not allow customers to make any adjustments or remove and replace any parts of the bike without the consent of management. Doing so will forfeit your rental for the day.
  • Clipless pedals are not allowed on our rental bikes.
  • Adults are not permitted to ride any of our children’s rental bikes at any time.
  • A helmet must be worn when riding a rental bike, no exceptions.

The cost of bike rental is separate from admission

$18 when purchased at the time of arrival

Rentals are by the day

Rental Bike prices are good for the duration of your daily visit. Rental bikes can only be rented per day. We do not offer any multi-day packages for rentals.

Rental reservations are welcome

for an additional $5.00 cost ($23.00 total) It is not required, but you are able to call the park at least 24 hours before your arrival and reserve a rental bike.

Reservations for bikes can not be made for 2:00 pm or later on weekends.

Because we do not take payment for the reserve rentals when you call, we require an arrival time window of one hour. We cannot hold the reserve more than an hour after the time of your stated arrival if we need to rent the bike to a paying customer. If you are running late, you must call and let us know you are running late. If arrive more than an hour after the time of your stated arrival without a phone call, your reserve bike may have been rented.

We require a name to be assigned to each bike reserved. The name on the reservation will be financially responsible for each reserved bike upon arrival.

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